Interdisciplinary initiative of Teachers is a forum meant for the healthy interactions among the faculty of various departments of the college. It provides a platform for the faculty members to share their knowledge in different areas. An open discussion is made which helps in fostering new ideas. The forum play a very significant role in unifying the college as a whole.

Topics of latest Interdisciplinary initiative of teachers






15.07.15 A Tribute to M.S.Viswanathan Music Department
22.07. 15 Nadodi Sahithyam – Chiriyum Chinthayum Malayalam Dept.
29.07.15 Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam – A Multi-faceted personality Physics Dept.
05.08.15 Virtual reality in Social Media Hindi Dept.
12.08.15 Arabic Language & Keralites Dr. Mohammed . K;

Dept. of Arabic

09.09.15 Thanoro Thannaro Part – 1 V Ravi

Dept. of Tamil

16.09.15 Thanoro Thannaro Part – 2 V Ravi
30.09.15 Life without Doctor Suresh Kumar. K. A

Dept. of Botany

14.10.15 Yoga – A way for Life Part – I Dr. Rajendran. C

Dept. of Physical Edn.

18.11.15 Yoga – A way for Life Part – II Dr. Rajendran. C
25.11.15 Yoga – A way for Life Part – III Dr. Rajendran. C
02.12.15 Some simple but elegant problems in Mathematics Dr. K. P. Naveena Chandran

Dept. of Mathematics

13.01.16 Visual Illusion Jobin

Dept. of Psychology

20.01.16 Panchamaya Kosha Dr. Rajendran. C
27.01.16 Sujok Therapy Part- I Rambhadran. C.D

Dept. of Physics

03.02.16 Sujok Therapy Part- II Rambhadran. C.D
18.02.16 Funeral Orations of Brutus and Mark Antony from the Roman Tragedy “Julius Caesar” A.J.K Menon

English Institute Chittur

24.02.16 ONV Anusmaranam Part – I Malayalam Dept.
02.03.16 ONV Anusmaranam Part – I Malayalam Dept.
09.03.16 Solar Eclipse – Myths and Realities Prasiya. P;

Physics Dept.

15.06.16 “Their Identity Cards won’t make markings in Red” R L Reshmi

Dept. of English

22.06.16 The hidden aspects behind Bhakthi Movement in Hindi Dr. B. Asok

Dept. of Hindi

29.06.16 Income from Salary Computation K. Radhakrishnan

Dept. of Commerce

20.07.16 ITR E-filing K. Radhakrishnan
27.07.16 A Big leap : History of Mathematics from Kerala Dr. K. P. Naveena Chandran

Dept. of Mathematics

03.08.16 E= Mc2: A Philosophical Interpretation Mohanan. P

Dept. of Philosophy

10.08.16 RFID : The way of the future Dr. Nishamol M. S

Dept. of Electronics

28.09.16 Local History: Need of the Hour? Jayanthi. C

Dept. of History

19.10.16 Ecological Wisdom Dr. Bindu C

Dept. of Philosophy

2.11. 16 Astrology and Astronomy Prasiya. P

Physics Dept.

16.11. 16 The chemistry of medications Umar Farook

Chemistry Dept.

07.12.16 Plants, Planets and Vasthu Smitha C. K.

Dept. of Botany

04.01.16 War Ethics Dr. E.K.Rajamohanan

Dept. of Philosophy

18.01.17 How to count Dr. Reji T.

Dept. of Mathematics

01.02.17 Raagam, Rasam Dr. Sreelekha Panicker

Dept. of Music

15.02.17 Cultural Violence Dr. E.K.Rajamohanan

Dept. of Philosophy

15.03.17 Data in daily life

Dr. Veena T. G.

Dept. of Statistics