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The Department of Music is part of the Chittur college even since the inception of this college in 1947. Music was one of the subjects offered for the Intermediate course. This was replaced by the Pre-university course in 1956-57. The Undergraduate course BA Music was introduced and at first, it was a Double Main course with Music and Philosophy, till 1978. The BA Music Course was converted into a single main course in 1979 with two subsidiaries Sub-I – Veena and Sub-II – Musicology. The Post-graduate course MA Music was introduced in the year 1981. In 1997, the Department of Music was recognized as a Research Centre under the Calicut University. The department of music currently follows the CUCBCSS Semester programme for UG and CUCSS Semester system for PG. The Department of Music actively involves in popularizing the subject of Music by keeping up the tradition of the art alive. It also imparts Music Education to those students who wish to take up Music as a career, as well as to mould them to become star performers. The elaborate list of eminent artists in Music, who are Alumni of the Department stands testimony to the commendable service rendered by the Department to the Art of Music and also to the Institution.

The Department of Music offers Degree & Post-graduate courses. Besides the Department is also a recognized Research Centre of Music, affiliated to the Calicut University. The sanctioned strength of B.A. Degree course is 20 and that of M.A. Degree course is 15.

The Department of Music has 8 faculty members with exemplary skills, dedication and hard work. One of the faculty members has been awarded the Doctoral Degree and five other faculty members are pursuing their research in various universities in Kerala.