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  1. Minor Research Projects (UGC)
Sl. No Name ofInvestigator Title ofProject Month & Year Amount Status
1 MOHANAN.P Environmental Ethics in Gandhian Philosophy Feb: 2011 Rs. 145000/- Completed
2 BALASUBRAMANIAN.V Satyadarsanam revolutionary Idea of Narayana Guru. 2012 Rs. 80000/- Completed

 Research and Publication output:

The faculty involvement in research is significant in the sense that teachers are involved in research works. Dr. E K Rajamohanan HOD of Philosophy, he has obtained Ph.D. titled ‘AdvaitaIn The Philosophy Of Sri Narayana Guru With   Special Reference To Darsana Mala And Atmopadesasatakam’.Mr. Balasubrahmanian V is doing research work for PhD degree titled ‘The concept of Metaphysics of Presence with special reference to Edmund Husserl and Jacques Derrida’ under Dr. V Prabhakaran (Research Guide), Research Department of Philosophy, Govt. College Chittur, Calicut University. Mrs. SubhaSree V is doing research work for Ph.D degree on ‘An Analysis of Mind in Wittgenstein’s Philosophy’ under Dr. R. Lakshmi, Department of Philosophy Govt. College for Women, Tvm Kerala University. Mr. Mohanan P is doing research work for Ph.D degree on ‘The Concept of Altruism in the Eco Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl’, under Dr. V Prabhakaran Research Guide of the Research Department Of Philosophy, Govt. college Chittur, Calicut university. Dr. C. Bindu has obtained her Ph.D degree on ‘Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning and Interpretation’. Dr. JijoPnjikaran has obtained Ph.D titled ‘Sikhism and Holistic Trends in Western Philosophy’‘ Dr. V Prabhakaran (Research Guide) has obtained his Ph.D degree on ‘The Concept of Evidence with special reference to the Doctrine of Language in Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology’.



by Sri. MOhanan P, Assistant Professor

Approval Order No: MRP (H)-1247/10-11/KLCA042/UGC –SWRO, Dated: 10- FEB -2011.

The project is an attempt to bring out the significance of environmental ethical vision in Gandhian philosophy. It gives an insight in to the Gandhian vision of pantheism. It reasserts the value of ethics is the foundation stone of environmentalism in modem society. It visualizes the ‘spirit’ is an essential aspect of nature and its unity.

The project consists of four chapters. The first chapter is an introduction, it narrates the life and work of Gandhi and the influences on him. The second chapter deals with basic principles of Gandhian ethics and his vision of spiritualism. In the third chapter discussed the concept of environmentalism and the significance of the environmental movements. The fourth chapter is the conclusion and the findings of the project.


  • To develop a theoretical framework with Eco- Ethical vision in Social and Cultural Ideals for present society.
  • To analyze Environmental Ethical vision immanent in spiritualism of Gandhi.
  • To point out the significance of the awakening of ecological vision as spirituality.
  • To expose the seeds of Environmental Ethics in Gandhian Economics and Ideal Society.
  • This study also aims at a comparison between Leopold’s Land Ethics and Gandhian Ecosophy.


  • Truth is God and God is nature, it is an ecological unity of Gandhian
  • Spiritualists recharging the mental energy of man as an ecological unit.
  • Here the authority of man is decentered by a unit of an ecosystem and loss the supremacy
  • Gandhian spirituality is based on ethical activism and pantheistic environmentalism.
  • Morality is the basis of personality, Gandhi developed it as an eco-ethical outlook of nature and mind