A women’s cell is functioning in the college with the goal of empowering the women community in the college. One of the lady staff members is the convenor of this cell. Various awareness programmes, seminars, soft skill development programmes etc. are conducted by the cell. A counseling cell for all students is also functioning under this cell.In kerala, with respect to education at thebgraduate and post graduate levels, girls students out number of boys.  More than 70% of students in colleges are girls. Thus any problem faced in college is somehow or other related to girls. Hence women’s cell in campuses provide a solace for them, which will look after their special needs and help them to overcome the lack caused by years of suppression and dependence. In this college also there is an active women cell headed by Mrs. Thankamany, HOD of political science. The Women’s Cell has been creatively working to empower the Girls students of this College for the last nine years.  The talk on “ CANCER : FACTS AND FALLACIES’  by the well known Oncologist Dr. V.P.Gangadharan  organized  by the Women’s Cell on 18/10/2013 in association with the Staff Club was a rare experience to the students and staff.  As in the previous years, this year also, Ruchimela 2014 was conducted on 24/2/2014 and decision was taken to distribute the profit as cash award among three eligible students of this College.  In connection with the celebration of International Women’s day, on March 8th, a class on “NIRBHAYA” has been arranged.  Advocate PRIYA ANIL, LLM engaged the class on 7/3/2014 and it gave new inspiration to the students.

The Women Cell comprises of a Coordinator, and a lady representative from each Department, the College Office, representatives from the student body and the College Union and the Women’s hostel. The Women Cell in Govt College Chittur, was formed in the year 2005. It focused on the following Objectives:

  1. Empowerment of Women.
  2. General legal awareness for girl students.
  3. Create Awareness among girl students regarding issues related to Women health.
  4. Prevention of Ragging.
  5. Counselling unit and provide Counselling if necessary.
  6. Provide coaching to students in special skills which involved craft, and other aesthetic skills.
  7. Equipping the girl students to have a positive thinking and a spirit of self confidence among the girl students.

As part of empowerment of girl students the Women cell of the College conducts Awareness classes and talks, based on health issues and legal issues relating to women, etc. The Women cell also has been conducting Exhibitions as part of Onam celebrations and Food festival as part of the Women’s Day activities and the profit earned out of these programmes is being utilised for the distribution of cash awards to selected deserving students to help them financially. The Women cell has also been conducting craft classes for interested students of the college under the guidance of Coordinators of the Craft classes every Friday.

The Women cell of the College is headed by Dr. SushaChandran. P, Assistant Professor, Dept of Music who is the Women Cell Convenor. She is ably assisted by a team of lady representatives from all the Departments of the College.


  1. Counselling for students
  2. Craft classes, for girls students – Glass painting, Quilling, Ornament making – every Friday from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm under the guidance of Dr.BinduVelsar (Assistant Professor, Dept of Hindi &Sindu (Assistant Professor, Dept of Electronics) who are the Coordinators for Craft Classes.
  3. Handloom Exhibition in the College in connection with Onam celebrations on17th& 18th August 2015
  4. Onam Fair in the College in connection with Onam celebrations on 18th August 2015
  5. Distribution of Onam Kits & other essentials to the needy with the help of financial contribution from Faculty members in September 2015 for palliative care patients.
  6. Awareness class for students with support from Center for Life Skill Learning & Kerala State Vanitha Commission, & NSS Unit of the College in October 2015.