The College has a democratically elected student union which looks after student welfare through its various programmes. The College Union comprises a Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Arts Club Secretary and Representatives from the Departments. Besides, there is one University Union Councillor who represents the College students in the Calicut University Union. The major activities of the union include organizing debates,discussions and talks on relevant issues. Arts Fest of two days that give opportunities to students to express their talents, film fest and the College Day. Staff Advisor and other faculty members assist students in the holding of competitions. College union receives funds for its various programmes from the donations from students and faculty as well as from the PTA.


All students who are on the rolls of the college be members of the Union. The following shall be the main objectives of the Union

(i)  To train the students of the college in their duties, responsibilities and rights as citizens of a democratic country.

(ii) To provide opportunities for developments of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service in students.

(iii) To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

(iv) To organize debates, seminars, work squads, tours and r functions.

Fund — The College Union fund is constituted by the contribution ­of students in the form of Union/Association fees.

The College Union Council shall comprise of

(i)    The President

(ii)   The Chairman

(iii)  The Vice-Chairman

(iv)  The Secretary

(v)   The Joint Secretary

(vi)  Two councilors to the Calicut University Union

(vii) The Secretary, Fine Arts Club

(viii) The Chief Student Editor of the College Magazine

(ix)  The General Captain (sports and games)

(x)   The Staff Adviser/Honorary Treasurer (with no voting rights)

(xi) The Secretaries of the-following Association

(a) Botany Association

(b) Chemistry Association

(c) Commerce Association

(d) Economics  Association

(e) Electronics Association

(f) Geography  Association

(g) History Association

(h) Malayalam Association

(i) Mathematics Association

(j )Music Association

(k) Philosophy Association

(l) Physics Association

(m) Tamil Association

(n) Zoology Association

The Principal of the college shall be the President (ex-officio) of the union. Officers (ii) to (ix) (inclusive) are to be filled by election by all members of the union. Electiont o the posts are adhering to the Lingdo report/university rules. The principal shall nominate a member of the teaching as staff advisor/honorary treasurer of the college union.The Secretary of an association shall be elected by the members of the union-belong to the Degree and Post-graduate classes and studying concerned subject as their core subject, from among themselves. A class representative shall be elected by members of the union belong to that class, from among themselves.

The union executive committee shall consist of:-

(i)  The President

(ii)  The Chairman

(iii) The Vice-Chairman

(iv)  The Secretary

(v)   The Joint Secretary

(vi)  Two Councillors to the Calicut University Union

(vii) The Secretary, Fine Arts Club

(viii) The Chief Student Editor of the College Magazine

(x) The General Captain (sports and games)

(xi) The Staff Adviser/Honorary Treasurer

(xii) Three other members of the Union Council elected by the  Union Council

Meetings — The college union council shall meet at least thrice in a  year of which one shall be the budget session. For all ordinary meetings, there shall be a notice of three calendar days. The quorum for a meeting shall be not less than one half of the total membership of the council. Disputed points shall be decided by taking a poll. ‘Treasurer shall not have the right to vote.The union executive committee also shall at their meetings decide points by taking a poll. The quorum for a meeting of the executive committee shall he not less than one half of the total members of the executive. There shall be a notice of- three clear calendar days for any ordinary meeting of the executive committee.The President shall preside over the meetings of the union council and the union executive committee. In the absence of the President the Chairman and, in his absence the Vice-Chairman shall preside over meetings. If The President, the Chairman and the Vice Chairman are absent the members present-shall elect one from among themselves to preside over -the meetings.The  Secretary shall issue notices for the meetings of the union and the union executive committee shall keep the minutes, of such meetings.  He shall also issue notices, with the consent of the Principal for the functions under the auspices of the college union.  The Secretary shall be the custodian of all records relating to the and shall be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the council and the union executive committee. The joint Secretary shall generally assist the Secretary in discharge of his duties and shall responsible for keeping the minutes of meetings, in the absence of Secretary.

Functions— The union executive committee shall formulate the general policy of the union and prepare the financial estimates for activities of the union and place them before the union council for approval.The union council shall be competent to pass the budget and approve the policy formulated by the union executive  committee  with necessary modifications.The two councilors shall represent the college union at the Calicut University Union.The Staff Adviser/Honry. Treasurer shall guide the Secretary in the proper maintenance of the accounts of the union and advise him on proper utilization of the union fund.Elections to the various offices shall be held according to the election rules published separately.


The College Chronicle which is published annually is issued under the supervision of the Editorial Board consisting of members of the staff and student representatives.  It gives the students scope for the expression of their literary and artistic talents.