List of Minor projects

Sl. No Project Title Coordinator Department Sanctioned amount Year
1 Curriculum based folklore studies in the Universities of Kerala Anjana V.R Malayalam 0.80 Lakh 2013
 2 A study of metric and related transit functions on graphs (digraphs) and  hypergraphs Dr.G.N.Prasanth Mathematics 1.35 Lakh 2011
3 Investigation of the coupling between the equatorial ionosphere and solar wind Vijayakrishnan M.V Physics 2010
4 Design and development of compact wideband microstrip antennas for wireless communications Dr. Nishamol M.S Electronics 1.5 Lakh 2014
5 Design and development of Chipless RFID tags for On-Touch Data Transfer Applications Dr. Sreejith M. Nair Electronics 1.45 Lakh 2014
6 Wireless sensor based network to determine wellness of elderly people Sindhu S Electronics 2 Lakh 2013
7 Investigations on the broadside and end fire radiation characteristics of dipole and monopoles and microstrip antennas Dr. Sarin V.P Electronics 2 Lakh 2013
8 Economic analysis of solid waste management in Palakkad municipality, Kerala K. Baby Economics 0.8 Lakh 2013
9 HR practices in teaching community (An object oriented study with Prasad P Commerce 0.7 Lakh 2012
10 Medico-Geographic analysis of HIV/AIDS in Kerala – a case study of Palakkad district Dr. Jayarajan K Geography 1.4 Lakh 2012
10 The depiction of environment in hindi fiction (1950-2000)” Dr. Ambili.T Hindi 0.9 Lakh 2011
11 Tamil folklore in Kerala-the ballad of nallamma paattu – aspect of historical geographical theory V. Ravi Tamil 1.45 Lakh 2011
 12 Studies on manimekalai and an annotated bibliography Manoharan. N Tamil 1.4 Lakh 2010
13 Environmental ethics  in Gandhian Philosophy Mohanan P Philosophy 1.45 Lakh 2011
 14 Depiction of the environment in Hindi (1950-2000)  Dr. Ambily T Hindi 0.9 Lakh 2011
15 Wireless sensor network based home monitoring system for wellness determination of elderly Sindhu.S Electronics 2016